The biggest weekend in the history of the Bellaire Club is here!

Start by getting decked out in your best tropical fashions for a fabulous luau and aloha to our current location on Saturday! Then, put on your sloppy clothes for the big move on Sunday!

That’s right; we’re going to party and then move out!

The club’s 30th birthday celebration starts on Saturday, April 30 at 1 p.m. There will be a Hawaiian luau, complete with shish kebobs and other delightful delicacies. There will be a costume contest, so wear your most outrageous tropical gear!

As usual, we will need volunteers to bring side dishes, help with set-up and a big turnout to celebrate the big Three-Oh! (-30-)

Then, we divide up our stuff for a move to the Maplewood Shopping Center. Here’s the deal: we’re taking some temporary space at 5653 Beechnut while the permanent new digs get renovated. So we’re moving everything out, but taking the basics (about 40 chairs and the coffee pot and the chips) with us to the temporary space. Come prepared for some heavy lifting and fun as we make ready our new home! The moving van and volunteers will be needed bright and early, say around 8 a.m. Sunday! The temporary space also is located in the shopping center, where a shoe store used to be. Look for the Bellaire Club sign in the window!

The logistics are still being worked out, and if there’s any change in plans stay tuned right here for the latest updates.

We hope to be in the temporary space as soon as an 8 p.m.meeting on Sunday, May 1. If that changes, we’ll let you know! More meeting information is forthcoming!

The permanent location of the new Bellaire Club will be 5625A Beechnut. (A plan is in place to forward the phone calls to a temporary cell phone for now.)

Come join in the fun and come back for the work!


“Three moves equal a fire.” – Anonymous