Volunteers are needed to help in the decorative painting of our new home. The tasks include measuring, taping and careful painting so if you’re feeling artistic and have the patience and time; please contact Arch A., (either after a meeting or by e-mail at arch8@sbcglobal.) He’s the coordinator of interior design and will provide all the artistic temperament necessary for the upbeat and cheerful motif. (Arch would like to know your work schedule and availability for the work!) Construction is nearly complete at our new permanent home, located at 7625A Beechnut. The decorative painting will start early this week!

That’s just around the corner from our current temporary home at 7653 Beechnut. We will keep you posted on details of our upcoming move and a grand opening!


There are lots of AA Anniversary celebrants marking important milestones of sobriety at the Bellaire Club. The June celebrants are Lawauna S. with 5 years; Cathy B. with 9 years; Eleanor G. with 8 years; Dee C. with 22 years; David D. with 18 years; Bill L. with 12 years; and Ann N. with 25 years.

Birthdays are celebrated at the last meeting(s) of the month. A great way to honor these celebrants is to make a contribution to the Bellaire Club in their honor. Gift cards are available at the coffee bar.


Margaret D. is chairing the Friday $2 meeting, with Rebecca as the leader on June 24. The meeting is at 12:15 p.m.

Peggy S. is chairing the Women’s ER meeting. The leader at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, June 23, will be Karole.

Bryce G. is chairing the Sunday noon meeting.

The 12 x 12 Group meets daily at 6:30 p.m. Sunday through Friday.

The Open Door Group meets at 10 a.m. daily. There are also daily meetings at 8 p.m.:

    • The Peace of Mind Group meets Sunday.
    • The God Squad meets Monday.
    • The Brown Table Big Book Study meets Tuesday.
    • The “Ask-It Basket” Group meets Wednesday.
    • The “Get Real” Triangle Group meets Thursday.
    • The “We’ve Just Begun” Group for beginners, with food and fellowship to follow, meets Friday.
    • The Good Word candlelight meeting is on Saturday.
  • The Sunday Noon Group meets at noon Sundays.
  • The Monday Men’s AA Meeting is held at noon Monday.
  • The Where You At Wednesday meeting is held at noon Wednesday.
  • The Women’s ER Group meets every Thursday at 6:30 p.m.
  • The Friday $2 Meeting meets at 12:15 Friday.
  • The Saturday Noon Group meets every Saturday at noon.

The Saturday Speaker Meeting is at 6:30 p


Dues for membership in the Bellaire Club are $20 per month, or $200 for an entire year. Please consider joining the club as a member, we could use your financial support to continue providing an oasis of sobriety in southwest Houston.


“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” – Mark Twain.