Editors note: The weekly Bellaire Club Newsletter is undergoing some changes. With a new editor, the format will probably change somewhat. It may not start with this issue, but the plan is to send out the newsletter every Wednesday. If you are still up, you can read it or it will be there when you open up Thursday morning. The need for news is critical. Please let me know who will be chairing and leading meetings for the week. The ideal is a full slate of  leaders for the month. Or something you are doing in the meeting, like which Step will be discussed, etc. Notices of group conscience meetings, etc. Any cartoonists out there, let me see your work. I will make every effort to make your group attractive to visitors, but I need to know what is going on.


Looks like we might have thrown a seven with the Bellaire Club’s Drunk Poets Society’s open mike presentation last Saturday. Moderator David D. was there to lend his seasoned hand at getting the show on the road and keeping it moving. We drew a diverse crowd from our club as well as from other parts of the city.

There was original poetry as well as offerings from established poets. Popular song lyrics were read. Some were even sung.

Thanks mostly to Jane E. and Mary F. some luscious goodies were presented to be auctioned off by club president, Ed B. Word in the halls is that we raised over $100.

David D. closed the evening with an announcement (sans the sonorous tone of Douglas MacArthur) that, “We shall return!” The next open mike session will be held in February, the month of lovers. So get those feelings down on paper and get ready for the big event.


At least two people who attended from other clubs said that they learned about the event through the posters/fliers that appeared on their bulletin boards. These fliers were mailed to various clubs and organizations and it would appear the cost and effort paid off. A mailing list is available. Any volunteers to help with future events would be most appreciated.


The holidays are upon us. For many it is a time of rejoicing and socializing with family and friends. For many it is a depressing time, dealing with sad memories and a sense of loss for what is not here. No matter where you are on the scale, please know that the Bellaire Club is here for you. We provide a wide range of meetings by different groups at various times during the day. If you want to step up your meetings to keep in step with the holidays, check out the meeting schedule.


And, speaking of holidays, the Bellaire Club will sponsor its annual Thanksgiving Day Feast. The festivities will begin at 1:30, following the Thanksgiving edition of the Thursday Noon Meeting. Typically, everyone brings a treasured dish to share. Just about anything you have ever had for Thanksgiving will probably be on the table. That is just three weeks away, but you still have time to get in shape by practicing your fork lifting exercises.

Now before the melatonin kicks in we will have a few rounds of Bingo. (Bellaire. Bar-B-que. Bingo. Everyone’s favorite trio.) The way we do it is to pay one dollar for each Bingo card. The winner then collects half of the money generated by that round.

If that were not enough, we will follow Bingo with a Tree Decorating Party. We have ornaments from the past, some of them are VERY tired. We need some fresh ones. The tree has also been made a personal expression by members decorating an ornament with their name and sobriety date to make it a family tree. Bring your ornament, adorned or unadorned and materials to adorn will be provided.


The new noon groups seem to have taken off, doing well and usually very lively, all thanks to good chairs who choose good leaders.

  • Heading off, the Thursday Noon Meeting being chaired this month by Robert P. will have for its leader, Mark W. who just picked up his six month chip.
  • Jane E. is chairing the Friday Two Dollar Meeting that meets at 12:15 and has announced that whirlwind Lawauna S. will be this week’s leader.
  • The 11:00 AM Sunday Speaker’s Meeting is chaired by Doug DeB.  This Sunday’s speaker will be Charles H  who comes to us from the Delta Club. With over 31 years sobriety, he knows all about good speakers having chaired their Saturday Night Speaker Meeting at 8:00 PM.
  • Ed B. has volunteered to chair the Sunday Noon Meeting that meets at 12:15
  • And, if you would like more of Charles H., the chair of the Wednesday Where-U-At Group, our own Kern V. has asked him to lead the Wednesday meeting. Let’s hope next time he may show up with a U-Haul.


Spring forward/Fall back. It is that dreaded time again: daylight savings time ends. Actually, ending is not too bad because we get to set our clocks back one hour. (That is, if you remember to do that.) But it will show up again in the Spring, to be welcomed like a relative with no job and no place to stay. There is absolutely no reason for this biannual assault on bodies. Just justifications and rationalizations. I would vote for any presidential candidate who promised to get rid of it.

Thought for the week:

The key to wisdom is this – constant and frequent questioning, for by doubting we are led to question and by questioning we arrive at the truth. Peter Abelard