Always the best case scenario, where all bring their favorite holiday dishes to share and everyone digs in for the feast of the year. The sign up sheet is on the kitchen counter, but if you forget to sign up, just bring something and it will certainly be enjoyed. It cranks up at 1:30, after the regular Thursday Noon Meeting. Be sure to hang around after the dinner for some exciting games of family friendly Bingo.


After the feasting and Bingo we will decorate the tree. Bring a ball and write your name and sobriety date to personalize it and make it part of the family tree. Supplies will be provided. What if you have multiple sobriety dates? If you have enough, you could probably decorate the whole tree, but let’s just go with the last one and see what the tree looks like. (-la-la-la-la)


On the meeting schedules on the kitchen counter the Saturday 8:00 PM Candlelight Meeting has been omitted. It is suspected margins were not adjusted when printed. Please make note that it is on the schedule and will be corrected in future printings.


A memorial for Suzanne C. will be held Thursday, November 10 at 1:00 PM in the Westmoreland Chapel of South Main Baptist Church, 4100 Main Street, 77002.


Some interest has been expressed in beginning an early morning meeting. 6:30 AM has been the suggested time. That time is a crime against nature in my book, but if the interest is there, let’s go for it. There would have to be enough members willing to support it, then petition the board to add it to the schedule and arrange for opening up the club. A sign up sheet for those interested has been posted on the club bulletin board.


What is the difference between being powerless over alcohol and just drinking too much?
Is it better to talk to the tax man early in sobriety or wait for a few months?
Can a spiritual awakening come before having finished the 12th Step?
When did the chip system start?
These are only a small sample of the types of questions posed weekly at the Wednesday 8:00 PM Ask-it-Basket Group. If you have something you always wanted to know or some experience in the program you are willing to share, then this just might be the meeting for you.  Come check it out.
Some of the group usually meets before the meeting at 6:30 for a Tex-Mex dinner at Los Tios Restaurant on Beechnut across from Meyerland Plaza.


Heard in the halls: As we go to press, Davasha S. is packing up in Santa Fe and will be here to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. Great news for all of us.


Weather permitting, (i.e. cloudy, 100% chance of rain, flash flooding, tornado watch, etc.) Mark W. will not work and will lead the Thursday Noon Meeting this week. Mark was scheduled for last week but was called into work at the last minute. Chair Robert P. will find a replacement should that occur again.
Jane E., chair of the Friday Two Dollar Meeting has announced that Mary F. will be leading this Friday.
The 11:00 AM Sunday Speaker’s Meeting is chaired by Doug DeB. with speaker hound dog, Paul C.who has asked Sherri B. to tell her story this Sunday.
Chair Kern V. has gotten Chad C. of Primary Purpose to be our leader for the Wednesday Noon Meeting.


The germ of The Bellaire Club Newsletter began with Russell C. who started the Sunday Noon Meeting, the first non-smoking meeting in the club. Russell would send out weekly announcements that revealed the leader for the coming Sunday.
When the Friday Two Dollar Meeting was started, Arch A. took a cue from Russell and sent out weekly notices. When Russell stepped down as permanent chair, the notices also included the Sunday leader as well. Other groups felt slighted, so they were also included. The editor was asked to announce upcoming events and soon we had what amounted to a regular newsletter. It was not long before we realized that it should be a function of the board of trustees. When Peggy S., a professional writer, editor and proof reader was elected to the board, she took over and established a regular format. When Peggy’s tenure was up, Anne Marie K., a well established journalist with impressive credentials, came aboard and steered it for over a year. The newsletter has gone full circle with Arch A. returning as its editor until the next August board elections.  Like Topsy, the newsletter just growed into what you are now reading.


Religion is for people who don’t want to go to hell.
Spirituality is for people who have been there. Anon.