The official holiday kick off is here. A bunch of thankful sober alcoholics will be sitting down to feasts in a great variety of places, but at the mother ship, the Bellaire Club we will have our own special feast and brand of gratitude. The response has been great and a glance at the sign up sheet indicates a great variety of savory dishes will be served.  It all begins with our own particular form of celebration, an AA meeting. This one begins with the Thursday Noon Group being chaired this month by Robert P. and will be lead by Mark Z. The feasting will begin soon after the Serenity Prayer or 1:30 (Whichever comes first) and will end when there is no more food left.

We don’t have the accommodations to do that old American classic, horseshoes, but we can stay inside and play an alternative – Bingo. You pay one dollar per card and if you win, you will receive half of the money collected for that round. The club gets the other half so everyone is a winner.

We have had the most generous donation of a real, live tree to grace our foyer. It will be decorated with ornaments inscribed with the names and sobriety dates of those who choose to participate. Decorating supplies will be provided.


Word has it that the Board of Trustees has plans for a festive December at the club. Possibly favorite holiday movies complete with popcorn. (Can you buy Milk Duds outside of a movie theater?) In addition to our regular meetings we will have our annual Christmas Eve meeting at 11:00 PM and on Christmas Day, our traditional dinner. (Rumor has it that we just may have matzo ball soup and/or tamales at the midnight meeting. What do you think of that?) And, of course, the very, very special midnight New Year’s Eve meeting for which we are renown.


Lots of new and well seasoned sobriety being celebrated at meetings this week.  At the Open Door Group we have Kranston  celebrating one yearChristinetwo yearsCoach B. with nine years andTony W. with 11 years.

At the Sunday Noon Group, Logan DeV. will celebrate five years and Rebecca S and Andy G will both celebrate 11 years of sobriety. Joining them with 22 years will be Mark Z. 

Mark will also celebrate at the We’ve Just Begun Group Friday night along with Ernest D. who will celebrate 25 years of sobriety.

Looking for a nice gift to give the celebrants? You can make a donation in their honor of any amount you choose to the Bellaire Club so instrumental in their sobriety that will be most appreciated by the celebrants as well as the club. Ask anyone behind the counter for a card.


Some interest has been expressed in beginning a 6:30 AM meeting at the club. Word from the wise who have been around a while is that we need at least four or five people to commit to starting it rolling. People hate to sign up for anything, but if you are interested, please do sign the sign up sheet on the bulletin board in the hall. You can have your lawyer read it before you sign, if you choose.


Mark Z.will lead the Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) Noon Meeting, chair Robert P. has announced.

At the Friday Two Dollar Meeting at 12:15, chair Jane E. will try to make Black Friday rosy by having Andy G. lead the meeting.

At the Sunday 11:00 Speakers MeetingRenee W. will be sharing her story. With over 22 years sobriety, Renee calls the Post Oak Club home, but attends lots of meetings elsewhere as well.

TheSunday Noon Birthday Meeting being chaired this month by President Ed. B., will be led by Arch A.

The Monday Noon Hope and Healing Women’s Group is being led this month by Stephanie C.

Across the way The Monday Men’s Meeting is being hosted by Larry A. or Barry K.

Rick W. has returned safely from a Caribbean cruise to assist Lynn L. who has been holding down the Blankety-Blank It’s Tuesday Noon Meeting while Rick was away.

Correction: a few issues ago Paul S.’s role in the Sunday Speakers Meeting was misidentified. Doug DeB. chairs the meeting and it is Linda DeB. who finds and schedules speakers. Paul S. composes the emails sent to announce the speakers for the coming Sunday. Sorry for any confusion this might have caused.


Ann N.has not been seen lately at any of the club meetings because she has been recuperating from a surgical procedure. Much of the time spent with her daughter in the Woodlands being entertained by her attentive grandkids. She is home now and hopes to be joining us soon. Her serene sobriety has been missed.

Our hearts go out to Dona T. whose husband died recently. They both attended the grand opening of the new club. Please remember them in your own personal or traditional way.

There’s a new face behind the counter these days. Shana K. has gotten a new job and Christine F. has taken her place, joining Adele keeping the coffee hot and the place spotless. Welcome Christine.


Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.Oprah Winfrey