Expectations could have been “understandably low” considering the event was scheduled for a Friday night and to begin at 9:00 PM. Who would show up in such a case? Practically a room full of people, that’s who! Finding a parking spot was the first clue as the beefed up We’ve Only Just Begun beginners meeting and poetry audience dominated the space.

Once the Valentine’s offering, Love and Other Disasters got underway under the skilled guidance of moderator, David D., it seemed to crescendo until the last poet was heard.

The majority of readings were the original work of “home turf” poets along with visitors and guests from the entire Houston area. The quality seemed exceptional and the audience most responsive.

Before the event started the kitchen counter was lavishly carpeted with a luscious assortment of colorful and tasty sweets. But not for long. By intermission, the gray countertop seemed to dominate as everything sold, not like hot cakes but sweet cakes in this case. Like $65.00 worth. That, plus the $75.00 basket made it not only a stimulating and tasty evening, but a profitable one for the club.

Note for future events: visitors and guests reported that they were there because they saw the flyer on the bulletin board of their home group or club. Others said they heard it announced at a meeting they attended. And, of course those attending meetings at the Bellaire Club saw the flyers and heard the announcement at every meeting. Don’t ever be discouraged. You never know who will hear and respond to your mailings or announcements.

Kudos to Mary F. who organized the sweets along with Angie B., Pam W. and Paula. An, as usual, Adele B. was there to keep her sharp eye on the coffee bar. In addition to moderating, David D. proved to be a welcoming and sympathetic figure to nervous novice poets at their first reading. And special thanks to Mark Z. for the loan of his amplifier.

The Drunk Poet’s Society will be back in May with their next offering, If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother.


It is birthday time once more as the end of the month approaches and the birthday board fills up with celebrants.

  • Adele B. will celebrate three years sobriety with the Women’s Emergency Room Group that meets Thursdays at 6:30 PM.
  • Todd B. has 4 years sobriety and has not designated a group to celebrate in.
  • Also celebrating 4 years will be Linda DeB. who has chosen the Sunday Speakers Meeting at 11:00 AM to share her joy.
  • Isaac B. joins in with his  4 years that he will celebrate with the 10:00 Open Door Group.
  • Sajiah C. now has 5 years sobriety and will celebrate with the Scottish Jack Big Book Study Group that meets Tuesdays at 8:00 PM as well as the Women’s Emergency Room Group that meets Thursdays at 6:30 PM and the We’ve Only Just Begun Group meeting Fridays at 8:00 PM.
  • Deb O. will celebrate 18 years with the Thursday Women’s Emergency Room Group at 6:30.
  • Michael “Wheelchair Mike” W. will celebrate his 20 years with the Taco John’s Saturday Noon Group.
  • Bellaire Club board president, Ed B. will celebrate 23 years at the Sunday Noon Meeting at 12:15.
  • Topping the years with 26 years sobriety is club old-timer, Lucy B who will celebrate with the Thursday Women’s Emergency Room Group as well as Taco John’s Saturday Noon Group.

Our congratulations to all of these celebrants of major milestones in their sobriety.

If you are looking for a nice gift to give any of the celebrants, may we suggest making a donation in their honor of any amount you choose to the Bellaire Club so instrumental in their sobriety? That gift will be most appreciated by the celebrants as well as the club. Ask anyone behind the counter for a card.


Poke your head around the corner or look out the back door to see the new attractive awning that has been installed for the comfort of our members who smoke. The project is sponsored by a local Boy Scouts Chapter. Word in the halls is that they had a car wash to raise the funds. The plan was to have a comfortable bench as well, but the landlord objected. If he allowed us to do it, he would have to allow all tenants to do it. No matter how old you get or how far from home you travel, the old parent and sibling refrain will always follow you. President Ed B. is in there trying to negotiate.


The Bellaire Club will once more be responsible for answering the Intergroup phones, this time March 9 through 12. The sign-up sheets are already out on the kitchen counter by the phone.

The Bellaire Club will be celebrating its 31 anniversary in April. Several ideas to commemorate the event are floating around. These include a Chili Cook-Off, an Open House to include fellow tenants and the neighborhood. And, of course, a stunning speaker. Another proposes a return to one of the club’s golden age famous events, the weekend beach party. These included dancing on the beach to live music, moonlight meetings and plain fun in the sun.

As Picasso once said: There is no hierarchy of ideas. Share yours with Mary F. or any board member.


  • The 12 & 12 Group that meets daily except Saturday has announced its new roster of leaders. Thursday will be Ryan, Friday, Ben B., Sunday, Ronald, Monday Johnny M. , Tuesday Lawauna S. and Wednesday Ralph.
  • The Thursday Noon Meeting will be chaired and led by  Mark W. this Thursday.
  • Chairing The Thursday Women’s Emergency Room Group, this month is Mary F. who has asked Peggy S. to be the leader.
  • The Friday Two Dollar Meeting that meets at 12:15 is being chaired this month by Jane E. She has asked Peggy S., fresh from leading the ER Group meeting the night before,  to lead the meeting this Friday. No one would tire of hearing what Peggy has to say.
  • At the 11:00 AM. Sunday Speaker’s Meeting being chaired by Doug DeB., this Sunday Joe L  will be telling his story. Joe will have two years sobriety next month and calls the 6:30 AM Discussion Group at The Delta Club home.  Joe can also be seen at The Men’s Center and some evening meetings at The Bellaire Club.
  • Jeff T. is chairing The Sunday Noon Meeting in February and he has asked Kate B. to lead the  meeting this Sunday at 12:15.
  • The Monday Noon Hope and Healing Women’s Group is being led this month by Ann N.
  • And over on the men’s side, at The Monday Men’s Meeting,  Larry A. or Barry K. are manning up and leading the group.
  • Rick W. and Lynn L. will continue to chair and lead the Blankety-Blank It’s Tuesday Noon Meeting.
  • The brand new 6:30 AM Group, last called The Red-Eye Special Group that meets every Wednesday is well into its second month with Larry A. and Robert P. there to guide it along.
  • Next Wednesday, Arch A. will chair the Wednesday Noon Meeting, the Where-U-At Group and Amber M. will be the leader.

For a complete list of all meetings held at the Bellaire Club, please go to our website bellaireclub.org and click on Meeting Schedule.


Word: Extrapolate
Pronunciation: Ik-strap-o-late
Definition: To infer (something not known) by using but not strictly deducing from the known facts; reason by deduction; establish by deduction.
Use in a sentence: Extrapolating from experiences the newcomer shared, the listeners easily concluded that he had a drinking problem.


Always forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them so much. Oscar Wilde
Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names. John F. Kennedy
Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. Suzanne Somers