The Bellaire Club is responsible for Intergroup phones this weekend starting Friday. The concept behind this is to have someone sober on the line in case anyone calls for help or information. We come up on the roster every few months. The response has been most positive and almost all of the time slots have been filled, having been taken fairly early when the call went out. The only slot available as of Wednesday is Sunday, 6 AM to Midnight. Great opportunity to do much needed and appreciated service work.

If you are new to the undertaking, information and guidance is available and you can do it in the comfort of your own home.


Best laid plans of mice and men (and Boy Scouts) often go awry.

In spite of our board president’s noted ability to charm, he was unable to convince the landlords to allow benches for smokers. The club sends up a special shout out to scout Jacob C. who headed the project. He certainly deserves a merit badge for his tireless efforts on our behalf.


The Monday Men’s Meeting meets every Monday at noon. Everyone is welcome to bring his lunch and eat during the meeting.

The group was originally part of a Herman Memorial after care program that grew to be an independent meeting. A few years back, they lost their meeting space when the hospital providing meeting space moved. The group then divided into two groups, one moving with the hospital further out past West Belt and the other staying on this side. Larry A. was asked to head the new group and since Mondays were free at the Bellaire Club, the group became part of the club’s varied line-up of meetings and groups.

The format betrays the group’s antecedents in that there are none of the expected openings of a regular AA meeting. No moment of silence, preamble, reading from the Big Book, etc. Each person “checks in” by giving his name, sobriety date, drink and/or drug of choice and a brief statement of where they are today. The leader then asks if anyone has had a slip or a milestone of sobriety since the last meeting and some time is given to them. After that, the leader gives anyone who has a problem time to share.

After sharing he must be quiet to listen to feedback. It is a very powerful meeting. Regular attendance is encouraged because one never knows when some difficulty might arise or when one’s own experience is just what someone else needs. That is every Monday at Noon.


Please support all the groups meeting at the Bellaire Club. Remember: you may not need a meeting, but you may be needed at a meeting.

  • The 12 & 12 Group that meets daily except Saturday has announced its new roster of leaders. Thursday will beRyan; Friday, Julio; Sunday, Ronald; Monday, Johnny M.; Tuesday, Lawauna S. and Wednesday, Ralph.
  • The Thursday Noon Meeting will have Alice G. leading this Thursday.
  • Chairing The Thursday Women’s Emergency Room Group, this month is Ginny.
  • The Friday Two Dollar Meeting that meets at 12:15 is being chaired this month by Jane E. She has asked Baroque F. to take the lead this Friday.
  • At the 11:00 AM. Sunday Speaker’s Meeting being chaired by Doug DeB., this Sunday Jody S. will be telling us his story. With 29 years sobriety behind him, Jody calls The Spring Branch Memorial Club home, but he may also be seen at The Post Oak Club, The 8373 Club and The Delta Club. Great story, one you would not want to miss.
  • Arch A. is chairing The Sunday Noon Meeting in March and he has asked Andy G. to lead us to better things this Sunday at 12:15.
  • One good turn deserves another and “Serenity” Ann N. is once more leading The Monday Noon Hope and Healing Women’s Group.
  • And over on the men’s side, at The Monday Men’s Meeting,  Larry A. or Barry K. are manning up and leading the group.
  • Rick W. and Lynn L. will continue to chair and lead the Blankety-Blank It’s Tuesday Noon Meeting.
  • The brand new6:30 AM group,The Red-Eye Special Group thatmeets every Wednesdayand has begun its third successful month with Larry A. and Robert P. there to guide it along. They have invited Collin D. to be our guest leader Wednesday morning.

Next Wednesday, Robert P. will chair the Wednesday Noon Meeting, the Where-U-At Group and Baroque F. will be the leader.

For a complete list of all meetings held at the Bellaire Club, please go to our website bellaireclub.organd click on Meeting Schedule.


Word: Didactic
Pronunciation: Dye-dak-tick
Definition: Designed or intended to teach; intended to convey instruction and information; making moral observations.
Use in a sentence: Much of the Big Book and Twelve and Twelve is didactic in nature.


I took a playwriting course once that had a minor creative writer of note as a guest lecturer. He told us how much he admired those in the performing arts because they got a direct response to their work. Writers, on the other hand, have only the critics and perhaps sales to assess their efforts. He suggested that we write to authors whose works we enjoyed to let them know this. I did a few times and even got a couple of responses.

Writers of newsletters fall into the same category and must follow their own inner light to guide them. The recent hiatus had one good side and that was the outpouring of positive responses to the effort from so many people. Many look forward to it, read it avidly and missed it. I cannot thank all of you individually, but you know who you are and so do I. Thank you.

We all make mistakes and our efforts are not always well received by everyone. It would be bizarre if this were not the case. My ideal still remains Andy Warhol, who, after a major retrospective exhibition of his work in London, received some very negative reviews from the critics. One interviewer listed all of these and asked him what his response to his critics was. After all that verbiage, he responded with two words: They’re right.

Andy, we miss you.


Life is a sexually transmitted disease and the mortality rate is one hundred percent. R. D. Laing
To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone. Reba McEntire
My momma always said life was like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re gonna get. Forrest Gump