Saturday, April 28 is the day we celebrate the 31st Anniversary of the founding of the Bellaire Club. And what a great day we have in store for us. No one likes to start on an empty stomach so we will have all the entries in the First Ever Bellaire Club Chili Cook-Off to feast on starting around 2:00 PM. By then we will know the judges’ decision on who delivered the best chili. Looks like quite a few contestants so we are in for a treat. In addition, there will be the usual side dishes and sweets provided by our generous Bellaire volunteers.
Throughout the festivities we will have raffles and auctions of cakes and other goodies as well as a stunning list of items including, but not limited to a:

  • Brand new Hannah Montana purple & white electric guitar
  • Brand new acoustic guitar
  • 7-inch  HDTV with home and car chargers for emergency use
  • Portable propane barbeque pit with carrying case
  • Brand new original Star wars model

$10.00 will get you three tickets. Go ahead, take a chance.

It all starts at 1:00 PM following Taco John’s Saturday Noon Meeting.
Throughout the events we will have a Meet and Greet for the recovery community.
At 6:00 PM, to bring the celebration to a close and remind us of why we are here we will feature as our guest speaker; Wilma W. Wilma has 16 years of sobriety and will be coming to us from the North Wayside group. Buzz in the halls is that Wilma has quite a story to tell, so make sure you don’t miss it.


We will certainly all miss Adele. The place was packed for the memorial meeting the club held for her Sunday afternoon. Adele had difficulty standing and walking and getting up and down from the chairs was a burden for her. In her memory Jane E. honchoed the purchase of a bar stool, assisted by Anne Marie K. and Davasha S. The stool will be used by anyone working the coffee bar


Make your plans now to attend or participate in The Bellaire Club Drunk Poet’s Society’s Spring offering, If It’s Not One Thing It’s Your Mother to be held Saturday, May 12. Curtain time is 8:00 PM. Be on the lookout for graphic artist Baroque F.’s design for the poster/flyer.
In addition to poetry there will be cakes and sweets for sale and auction. And, as always, the good times we have when we all get together.


It is birthday time again at the Bellaire Club as the end of the month approaches. We have a board full of celebrants who demonstrate the fact that this program works!

  • Aimee D. will have one year of continuous sobriety  and will celebrate with the Thursday 6:30 PM Women’s Emergency Room Group.
  • Samir D. with two years sobriety will celebrate with the 6:30 12 & 12 Group.
  • Dylan C. now has three years sobriety and he will celebrate with Taco John’s Saturday Noon Group.
  • Tammy P.  will have five years and plans to celebrate with the Thursday 6:30 PM Women’s Emergency Room Group.
  • Amy W. with six years will celebrate with the Thursday 6:30 PM Women’s Emergency Room Group.
  • Randy R. also withsix years will celebrate with the 6:30 12 & 12 Group as well as Taco John’s Saturday Noon Group.
  • Cathy S. with 14 years plans to celebrate with the 10:00 AM Open Door Group.
  • Victoria H. now with 17 years sobriety will be celebrating with the Sunday Noon Group.
  • Silvia E. with 26 years is planning on celebrating with the 10:00 AM Open Door Group.
  • Aldrinette now has 28 years and will celebrate with Thursday 6:30 PM Women’s Emergency Room Group.
  • Scottish Jack would have had 34 years this month. Sober forever.

Our congratulations to all of these celebrants of major milestones in their sobriety.

If you are looking for a nice gift to give any of the celebrants, may we suggest making a donation in their honor of any amount you choose to the Bellaire Club so instrumental in their sobriety? That gift will be most appreciated by the celebrants as well as the club. Ask anyone behind the counter for a card.


Please support all the groups meeting at the Bellaire Club. Remember: you may not need a meeting, but you may be needed at a meeting.

  • The 12 & 12 Group that meets daily except Saturday has this roster of leaders. Thursday will be Ryan; Friday, Julio; Sunday, Ronald; Monday, Johnny M.; Tuesday, Lawauna S. and Wednesday, Ralph. Come see how it works.
  • Chairing The Thursday Women’s Emergency Room Group, this Thursday will be Jill and the leader will be Ann N
  • The Friday Two Dollar Meeting that meets at 12:15 is being chaired this month by Jane E. She has asked Alice G.  to lead the meeting this Friday. It would take a full house to beat a pair like that! Let’s see if we can beat them with a full house. Pass the word.
  • Don’t forget Taco John’s regular Saturday Noon Meeting.
  • Michael Y. with over 38 years sobriety will be telling his story at the 11:00 AMSunday Speaker’s Meeting being chaired by Doug DeB. Michael can be seen all over town, including the Post Oak Club, Chapelwood and Survivors. He comes to us with a great story.
  • Victoria H. is chairing The Sunday Noon Meeting in April and she has asked Peggy S.  to lead the meeting this Sunday at 12:15.
  • The Monday Noon Hope and Healing Women’s Group with its newly revised meeting format is being led this month by Camora  K.
  • And over on the men’s side, at The Monday Men’s Meeting,  Larry A. or Barry K. are manning up and leading the group.
  • Rick W. and Lynn L. will continue to chair and lead the Blankety-Blank It’s Tuesday Noon Meeting.
  • The new kid on the block, theWednesday 6:30 AM Red-Eye Special Group is here to stay with Larry A. and Robert P. there to guide it along. Baroque F. will be leading the meeting.

For a complete list of all meetings held at the Bellaire Club, please go to our website and click on Meeting Schedule.


Word: Remonstrance
Pronunciation: reh-mont-strunts
Definition: protest; complaint; objection; reproof
Use in a sentence: Bill says (p 3) that the remonstrance of friends over his drinking led him to become a lone wolf.


Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. Eleanor Roosevelt
Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie
Which we ascribe to heaven.
           William Shakespeare (All’s Well That Ends Well)
You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them. Michael Jordan