Last Saturday’s offering, If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother by the Bellaire Club’sDrunk Poets Society was most well received by the impressive number who showed up for the 8:00 PM function. Soft lighting providing a warm and appealing atmosphere welcomed each one of them. They were treated to a solid evening of great poetry, most of it original, some of it classic, all of it most appreciated. The crowd and the readers represented not only some of our own members, but many from other clubs and groups throughout the area. Some of them, very early in sobriety seemed encouraged by this creative emotional outlet.  David D., that seasoned and smooth moderator, was there to guide things along so that there was never a lag in the entertainment.

A special shout out to Sarah L. who made such luscious cupcakes for the occasion. They were consumed at first sight! And, sure to bring a smile to the treasurer’s face, we ended up with a basket of $50.00.

The next offering by the Drunk Poets Society will be a non-themed evening of poetry reading some time in August and again in November, becoming a quarterly affair in 2013.  Details will be available as we get closer to the dates.


This is the time for proms and graduations and the strains of Pomp and Circumstanceseem to fill the air. Our congratulations go out to anyone with Bellaire Club connections who is graduating this month or next. This week the newsletter would like to honor all of those who have gone on to get a degree or degrees since sobering up. This is done not only to honor a praiseworthy accomplishment, but to inspire anyone in sobriety with examples of what can be achieved once you sober up and work the program.  And what a most impressive lineup of grads we have attending the Bellaire Club these days. You may not realize who you have been sitting next to. (Do you wonder if when they picked up that desire chip, they ever thought that one day they would be picking up a diploma?)

  • Gabby G. just finished her classes for Emergency Medical Technician at Houston Community College, received her certification and will be pursuing her paramedic license in the fall.
  • Rick W. earned a (BBA) Bachelor of Business Administration with a double major in Finance and Marketing from the University of Houston in 2007, two years after he opened Meyerland Service Station.
  • Deb M. received an (AS) Associates of Science degree her second year in the program as well as her Bachelor of Science in her third year, 2011. She is currently working towards her Masters. All at the University of Phoenix Online.
  • Mary F. received her (BS) Bachelor of Science in Business Management, making the Dean’s List at the University of Phoenix, Houston Campus in 2008 as well as a(MBA) Master of Business Administration there also in 2010.
  • Ronald C. earned a (MS) Master of Science in Chemistry at Texas Southern University in 2008.
  • Bryce G received a (MBA) Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, Houston Campus in 2007
  • Victoria H. received a  (DrPH)  Doctor of Public Health from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston in 2003
  • David D. earned a (BA) Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2000, a (MA) Master of Arts from Rice University in 2003 and his(PhD) Doctor of Philosophy) from Rice University in 2007. All degrees were in History. By the way, David earned his GED in a Mississippi prison.

On their way to joining the list are:

  • Margaret D. who will receive her (ABM) Associate in Business Management in the spring of 2013 from Houston Community College, Central Campus
  • Jeff T. who is currently working toward his (ADN)  Associates Degree in Nursingat Wharton County Junior College. This will allow him to take the State Board Exam to become a Licensed Registered Nurse. After that he plans to work as a nurse while finishing his (BDN)  Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.


What an activity-packed weekend celebration we have in store for us. Starting Sunday, May 27 following the Sunday 12:15 meeting will be the kickoff of what will become a monthly Game and Cupcake Social. Honchoed by Jonathan L., the event will include Bingo, Chess, Checkers, Dominoes or Poker or any other game members can get going.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE: On Monday the 28th, following the two gender-specific noon meetings, we will celebrate with hot dogs, Frito pies and watermelon. Then at 2:30, a very special veteran, Jerry C., will share his colorful story at a special holiday meeting. After that will come a few rounds of Bingo or any other games members can rustle up.


Rick W. is looking for volunteers to tell their story in the prisons on Friday afternoons. You must first be approved by the Texas Department of Corrections, so Rick will need your full name, date of birth, Texas Drivers License number and address as it appears on your Texas Drivers License. Send to  You will need your drivers license as ID to get in once approved. Not only is this a great opportunity to do 12th Step work, but you will be presented to a most appreciative audience eager to hear anyone from “the world.” The world being anything outside of prison.


Please join in congratulating all who are celebrating years of sobriety at the club, always offering proof that this program works if you work it!

  • Mark W. has achieved one year sobriety will be who will celebrate at Taco John’s Saturday Noon Meeting.
  • Baroque F. will celebrate his one year of sobriety at the Wednesday 6:30 AMRed-Eye Special Meeting.
  • Greg W. has five years and will celebrate at the 10:00 AM Open Door Group.
  • Traci E. with seven years will be celebrating at the Thursday  Women’s Emergency Room Group meeting at 6:30 PM.
  • Davasha S. has 12 years and will celebrate at both the Women’s Emergency Room Group as well as the Sunday Noon Meeting at 12:15.
  • Ronald C. with 13 years will celebrate with the 12 & 12 Group.
  • Jeff T. will celebrate his 17 years with the Sunday Noon Group.
  • Peggy S. with 20 years will celebrate with the Women’s Emergency Room Groupas well as the Sunday Noon Meeting at 12:15.
  • Patty J. has 21 years and will celebrate at with the Women’s Emergency Room Group.
  • B.J. McC. will celebrate her 22 years sobriety with the Women’s Emergency Room Group.

Our congratulations to all of these celebrants of major milestones in their sobriety.
If you are looking for a nice gift to give any of the celebrants, may we suggest making a donation in their honor of any amount you choose to the Bellaire Club so instrumental in their sobriety? That gift will be most appreciated by the celebrants as well as the club. Ask anyone behind the counter for a card.


  • The 12 & 12 Group that meets daily except Saturday has this roster of leaders. Thursday will be Ryan; Friday, Julio; Sunday, Ronald; Monday, Johnny M.; Tuesday, Lawauna S. and Wednesday, Ralph.
  • Arch A. has announced that Steve T., a newcomer to our club meetings with multiple years of sobriety will be leading the Thursday Noon Meeting.
  • Chairing The Thursday Women’s Emergency Room Group this month is Ann N.who has invited Anne Marie K.  to be the leader. The meeting starts at 6:30 PM.
  • The Friday Two Dollar Meeting that meets at 12:15 is being chaired this month by Jane E. and the ever dependable Margaret D.  will lead the meeting this Friday.
  • Don’t forget Taco John’s regular Saturday Noon Meeting.
  • The group formerly known as the Saturday Speakers Meeting at 6:30 PM now is an Open Discussion Meeting with a speaker the last Saturday of the month and is in search of a new name. Several have been suggested. Drop by and offer yours.
  • The 11:00 AMSunday Speaker’s Meeting is being chaired by Doug DeB. and he has scheduled Ben H. to tell his story Sunday. With 10 years sobriety, Ben is a well known figure at meetings all about town, including Faith Lutheran and Taco John’s Saturday Noon Meeting.
  • Arch A. is chairing The Sunday Noon Meeting and  Mark Z. will be on hand to lead the meeting this Sunday at 12:15.
  • The Monday Noon Hope and Healing Women’s Group is being led this month byAlice G.  using the new format.
  • And over on the men’s side, at The Monday Men’s Meeting,  Larry A. or Barry K.are manning up and leading the group.
  • Rick W. andRobert P.  will continue to chair the lively Blankety-Blank It’s Tuesday Noon Meeting
  • The new and well receivedThe Red-Eye Special Group thatmeets every Wednesday at6:30 AM, is celebrating its fifth month with Larry A. and Robert P. there to guide it along. They have asked Baroque F. to take the lead Wednesday.
  • Robert P. will chair the Wednesday Noon Meeting, the Where-U-At Group and has announced that Gary S. will be the leader.

For a complete list of all meetings held at the Bellaire Club, please go to our website and click on Meeting Schedule.


The Arch A. and Robert P. mantra: People who look for jobs, find jobs. People who wait for jobs, wait for jobs,  has once more worked for one of our members. Margaret D. has accepted a job with a mobile pet grooming service. Congratulations!


Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or last timeBetty Smith(A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.)
You don’t get to choose how you are going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you are going to live. Now. Joan Baez
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