Greetings all!
For the moment we have just a few announcements, namely:
-the website


The Bellaire Club website will be undergoing some renovations in the look
and presentation of material. No fear, the things we have will remain, just maybe
presented through a diffent look and feel that will be at least as easy to get
around as the present one.
Arch, who has been handling the newsletter is taking a well deserved break from
something he’s done for quite a long time. He did it out of love and service for the
Bellaire Club and the people in it, and we are most grateful to him for his sense of
humor and pithy sayings that made our newsletter as much fun for me to receive as I’m sure it has been for all of us. In the 9-to-5 world out there, handling this website stuff is normally a well paid position, which we must also be grateful to Bryce for, who has volunteered his time and expertise. He also is taking a much deserved break from all of this web stuff.
A different set of folks will be handling some of the announcements that are fed to
the website, and if you have some info you would like posted, please use the contact form to contact the webmaster. I need updates on meeting leaders/chairs, upcoming events either at the Bellaire Club or other events of interest to our members, because we are getting the newsletter going again. So, onwards… into the fog!

November Birthdays
Jorge A. w/48 yrs
Carol M. w/31 yrs
Kellen C. w/18 yrs
Kranston L. w/2 yrs
Mike K. w/1 yr
Marie H. w/1 yr
Mark T. w/23 yrs
Mark Z. w/23 yrs
Milton P. w/20 yr
Carrie C. w/2 yrs
Jerry C. w/11 yrs
Carrie C. w/2yrs
Jerry C. w/11yrs

*Please let the meeting that you consider your ‘home’ meeting know of your intention to celebrate with them so they will make sure to have your chip.*


The Bellaire Club will be having Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday, the 22nd, at 1:30, right after the Noon meeting. Suggested donation is $7.00. Also, if possible, please sign up on the sheet at the club. If you are bringing Turkey, please slice it before bringing it. Thanks everyone, until next time.