Greetings all!

For the moment we have a few December announcements, namely:

December Birthdays

David M. with 1 yr (12-11)
David I. with 6 yrs (12-06)
Gundi T. with 24 yrs (12-88)
Russell C. with 26 yrs (12-86)
Jackie K. with 31 yrs (12-81)

It almost seems needless to say, but always good to remind:

*Please let the meeting that you consider your ‘home’ meeting know of your intention to celebrate with them so they will make sure to have your chip.*

Saturday Night at the Movies:
Expand your circle of sober friendships by making it out to Movie Night, every
Saturday at 9PM. Popcorn $1 and movie free!!! The movie is always a good one, one that most will want to see without even knowing what it is. BUT!…the more important part is the fellowship that occurs and the sober friends you can make.

Christmas Day:

Christmas Holiday Meal starts Christmas Day at 1pm. Ham, Turkey and all the favorite side dishes and desserts.

New Years Eve:

We have a strong tradition that continues with the New Years Eve Midnight Meeting.
It’s a good place to stay out of traffic when the real craziness begins.

So far, that’s about it for now. More to come!