March 14th, 2013

Greetings all!

Updates have been flowing in, little by little, and that is a good thing!!
….(speaking of updates, if there are new chairs, leaders, or announcements, please let us know at .



New Meeting Announcement(s)

(as in, now there are TWO!)

Midtown Secularists Tuesdays 7:30PM @ First Unitarian Universalist Church: Mostly in the Fireside Room, sometimes in room 304.

5200 Fannin @ Southmore, Houston Tx 77004….Open Discussion “We honor the AA policy of not being allied with any religious sect or denomination.”
“We welcome all non-theists and non-theist ‘friendly’ people seeking to stay sober”. Enter on Fannin. Wheelchair accesible,
free parking off-street in the same block with church. Lite-rail Museum District stop Bus#1 Hospital

Agnostics and Atheists in Alcoholics Anonymous:
8:00PM Wednesdays (Beginning March 6th 2013 at Lambda Center, 1201 West Clay, Houston Tx 77019, 713-521-1243)
Certain? Uncertain? Somewhere in between? OMG this is YOUR meeting!
A&A in AA focuses on issues concerning Athiests, Agnostics, Materialists, and Secular Humanists…and of course everyone is welcome!
Half-hour speaker meeting, half-hour discussion. Come and be with people who also believe in an alternative Higher Power; Good, Love, Life Force, the Group,
School us on your Higher Power, chances are some of us agree….
And for your ‘sobering’ news and entertainment, 2 new websites I found that are quite cool!
Enjoy! I will try to find interesting websites here and there, post them in the newsletter, and who knows, maybe they will be deemed worthy to add to our main website’s links area




Join the Bellaire Club” – $20.00 per month or $200 for the year. 

It’s a great way to participate in your recovery and to help keep the doors open at the Bellaire Club.

Also, THIS JUST IN….Thanks Bryce!

New City of Houston Recovery Center
Innovative Sobering Center Readies for Operation

Mayor Annise Parker announces the completion of the Houston Recovery Center renovation, home to the City of
Houston’s new sobering center, which is expected to begin full operation in the next couple of weeks.
The sobering center is meant to be an alternative to jail for people whose only offense is public intoxication,
allowing them to regain sobriety in a safe, medically-monitored environment.  Once detainees are sober,
they will meet with professional counselors who will offer long-term treatment referrals to appropriate social
service agencies. By not booking these offenders into the city jail, officers are able to return to their
neighborhood patrols more quickly.

The 84-bed facility is located in a two-story building at 150 North Chenevert Street, Houston 77002.
It will be managed by a local government corporation created last year by Houston City Council.  Annual operating
costs are expected to be $1.5 million, compared to the $4 – 6 million it currently costs to process public intoxication cases at the city jail.
The sobering center is an option only for those detainees who have committed no other crime, have no outstanding
warrants and have been taken to the facility by a police officer. There are separate facilities for both men and women.
The second floor of the building is the new home of the Houston Police Department (HPD) mental health unit.
For questions concerning the new sobering center, email
For more information on HPD, visit

March Birthdays: (so far….)

Samantha M. w/2 yrs
Laura F w/3 yrs
Alice (in Wonderland) G. w/12 yrs
Mary H w/1 yr
Anson B w/32 yrs



Movie Night this Saturday Night March 16th features End of Watch with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anna Kendrick. Make it out on March 16th,
and bring some folks with you,.. and as always, the movie is free, (This one is R Rated), and the Popcorn $1.00!!!

Meeting Announcements

Margaret D. chairs the Sunday Noon Meeting (12:15) in March. This Sunday the leader will be Dinah-mite. (Dinah M.)

Al M. chairs the Sunday 11:00 Speaker Meeting. Dan from the Delta Club , will be telling his story.

The Women’s Hope & Healing meeting for March, Mondays at 12:00 noon in the small meeting room, will be chaired by Mary H.

At the same time there is the Monday Men’s Meeting at noon in the big meeting room, just unsure who is heading that up this month.

Tuesday Noon: there is a Meeting and is really needing some support.

Tuesday Night 8:00PM is Scottish Jack’s Big Book Study with Scott T. at the helm. It’s always a great weeknight meeting, and for those of you who haven’t opened your
Big Book lately…here’s your chance.

Wednesday 6:30am “Red-eye Special” meeting. It’s a small but happy meeting that really needs the support of a few more early risers. Thanks!

Also, Bryce G. will be chairing the Wednesday ‘nooner‘ meeting for the month of March. Come on over and participate!

Also needing an update on who is handling the Wednesday 8:00 ask-it basket this month.

Robert P. chairs/leads the Thursday noon meeting, always a great meeting, so make it to this one!

Peggy S. is chairing the Thursday evening Women’s ER 6:30 meeting for the month of March. This Thursday night (the 14th) Kathleen will be leading.

The Doug D’B Meeting on Thursday 8:00 is always a great mid-week meeting to catch. Besides that, Doug’s accidental irreverent wit will keep you in stitches.

Arch A. is chairing the Friday Two Dollar Meeting (12:15) for the month of March. Russell C. will lead Friday 15th. No topic mentioned, but hey, it’s Russell. It’ll be great!

Charles R. will be chairing the Friday night 8:00 “We’ve Just Begun” meeting with Laura leading. This is a great meeting if you are new to sobriety, and really looking for others to connect with.
Besides finding others that are new, you will find others with long term sobriety that come especially to be of some kind of service to newcomers.

Saturday Night, Donald S. now chairs the 6:30 Speaker Meeting, and he’s told me Randy R. of the 12&12 Group will be telling his story on the 15th.

It helps to be redundant with this one: Friday and Sunday “noon” meetings start at 12:15 and end at 1:15.

If you’re new to the mailing list, definitely head back to the our main website and check the meeting schedule for other meetings listed.
Also, let us know if you have something special going on in your home group, or you wish to announce any changes within a certain meeting.
Send it to
Just get it in no later than Wednesday night by around 10:00pm.

THOUGHT for the DAY:

And now I leave you then with this quote , from a conversation outside the Bellaire Club after a meeting:. “If you have tried to but can’t
get hold of your sponsor, and it’s important, remember: Your AA Group is also
your back-up sponsor. Get yourself to the next meeting and pull someone aside.”

So far, that’s about it for now. More to come!


*The 12 x 12 Group meets daily at 6:30 p.m. Sunday through Friday.

*The Open Door Group meets at 10 a.m. daily.

  • There are also daily meetings at 8 p.m. Consider attending:
    • The Peace of Mind Group meets Sunday.
    • The God Squad meets Monday.
    • The Scottish Jack Big Book Study meets Tuesday.
    • The “Ask-It Basket” Group meets Wednesday.
    • The “Doug d’B Big Book Study meets Thursday.
    • The “We’ve Just Begun” Group for beginners meets Friday.
    • The Good Word candlelight meeting is on Saturday.

And, here are the notable nooner meetings,…actually, they’re ALL notable, especially
when you really need a good “nooner” 😉

  • The Sunday Noon Group meets at 12:15 Sundays.
  • The Monday Men’s AA Meeting is held at noon Monday.
    The Women’s Hope and Healing Meeting also at noon Monday.
  • The Tuesday Noon Group meets at noon Tuesdays.
  • The Noon Wednesday meeting is held at noon Wednesday.
  • The Women’s ER Group meets every Thursday at 6:30 p.m.
  • The Men’s meeting also meets Thursday 6:30 in the other room.
  • The Friday $2 Meeting meets at 12:15 Friday.
  • The Saturday Noon Group meets every Saturday at noon.
  • The Saturday Speaker Meeting is at 6:30 p.m.

    These are Highlights of some meetings, but definitely check the main website at for the complete schedule.