August 22nd, 2013

Greetings all!
There newsletter is unusually full of
information, so grab your coffee and muffin and
your readin’ glasses.


Join the Bellaire Club” – $20.00 per month or $200 for the year. 

It’s a great way to participate in your recovery by giving back
and to help keep the doors open at the Bellaire Club.
It helps us
purchase supplies, pay utilities, literature and Big Books, etcetera.

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, here is a
synopsis sent to me by Ann N
for publication:

Bellaire Club Membership Meeting NOTES
August 10, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 1:35 by Mary F. Those present:
Mark Z., Andy, Russell, Mary H., Margaret, Jeff,
Larry, Kathleen D., Arch A., Scott T., Robert P., Alice G.,
Cathy S., Terry M., Ann N.

A round of applause was given to outgoing Board Members:
Mary, Jonathan, Logan, Baroque. Thank you for your service.

Treasurer’s Report:
Checking $564.43, Prudent Reserve $10,753. Posted on the Bulletin Board.
Lease paid thru 2017  $1500/mo., insurance $1672 paid thru April 2014.
We have 42 paying members.
Coffee income approx. $750/mo, expenses approx.. $500/mo.
A/C $500/mo.

Larry suggested someone be assigned to take care of envelopes for outside contributions,
also need another safe for such envelopes. There were 62 envelopes to sort in the first eight days
of August. Thank you, Larry for the superb job as treasurer.
Thank you Kathleen D. for filling in for Larry during his absence in July.

Thank you, Jeff for stocking our needs. A note to all: leave
Jeff a note when we are running low on supplies.

New Board candidates:
Mary H., Alice G., Scott T., Arch. Voted
in by acclimation.
Mary F. will stay on as IRS liaison.
Mary turned over records from the previous
two years to Robert P., vice president.

Reminder to meeting Chairs: turn a/c to 80, refill
refrigerator, put bags in trash cans as needed, lock up.

Meeting adjourned 2:10 PM. Respectfully submitted, Ann N.


We have a new board, and it’s a privilege to announce them in the Newsletter.

The new Board members this time around are:
President – Arch A.
Vice President – Robert P
Treasurer – Larry A.
Secretary – Ann N.
Members-at-large: Margaret D., Scott T., Mary H., Alice

Bellaire Club Labor Day Celebration!

Kindred Spirits are in for entertainment! Also, while we eat, individual roving guitar playing musicians will sing
American folk songs or anything they can rove and play and sing. So far Mark Z. and David D. have committed.
New board’s motto: We insist on having fun!

The Food The Food The Food!!!
OK, that’s going to be mighty fine! The presentation will be in a “Taco-teria” style, a play on
cafeteria-style, which we’ve done on other occasions in the past.
5$ per person suggested donation
There will be beef and chicken fajitas,  professionally cooked, provided by
Demeris Barbecue!
as well as many other side dishes
supplied by other members, including ground meats of various kinds, including…
jalapenos, and other spicy (and not-spicy) condiments befitting a foodie experience
such as this! Sign up sheet for dishes and assistance at the coffee bar!!!!!!!!!!!!
We need volunteers for clean-up as well!
Also, the Saturday Night Movie is back, (title this week on the 24th TBA), and if anyone has a DVD
the would like to donate, we are building up a Bellaire Club library of movies. Who knows, if you have
a receipt for it, it may be tax deductible by the donator as well:-)
Ed B is seeking someone to help by Chairing on the Wednesday Night 8:00 Ask-it Basket Meeting.
Seek him out and let him know. Thanks!

Keep those updates comin’ folks!
….(speaking of updates, if there are new chairs, leaders, or sobriety birthday
, please let us know at .


August Birthdays:

Bailey B w/1 yr
Lorri C w/2 yrs
Adam S w/2 yrs
Rick W w/13 yrs
Ben B w/11 yrs
Ginny L w/9 yrs
Dave O w/21 yrs
Glynis C w/11 yrs
Chris S w/2 yrs
Randy S w/20 yrs
Steve CaruthersForever Sober

If you ARE an August B-DAY send me your first name, last initial and
length of time in years at

Intergroup Phones September 6th through the 8th.
Sign-up sheet should be at the coffee bar!


Meeting Updates (if any) for August…
We have 6:30pm meetings each night of the weeks as well,
please feel free to tell me who is handling them!
Also, I guess it would make more sense to show the
schedule between the days of the actual newsletter release…. DOH!
That’s what you will see from here on.

Thursday: the 22nd
Robert P. chairs/leads the Thursday noon meeting, always a great meeting, so make it to this one!

Brian K now heads up the Thursday 6:30PM Men’s Meeting.

Thursday evening Women’s ER 6:30, always a full house for this one.
Leslie has been chairing, this week Margaret D leads.

The Doug D’B Meeting on Thursday 8:00 is always a great mid-week meeting to catch.

Friday Two Dollar Meeting (12:15)  Chair: Ann N   Leading: Paula D.
(I really love this meeting when I can get to it!)

We’ve Just Begun 8:00pm Chair: Donald S Leading: TBA
Focus is on the first 3 steps, with many
side topics explored as well.

Taco John
is still doing the deal at 12:00 noon on Saturday.

Saturday Night, Donald S. chairs 6:30 Speaker Meeting, with Stephanie M
as the guest speaker for 8/24.
Following the 6:30 Speaker meeting is the Candlelight 8:00, after that at 9:30 our
Saturday Night Movie.

Sunday:  the 25th
The 12:15 Meeting
– This Sunday marks the beginning of a week of AA Birthday nights, so
make it by your favorite meetings and congratulate the celebrants! Peggy will chair today,
and Arch A will lead the Birthday Meeting.d

11:00AM Speaker Meeting Chair: Al M —Speaker: TBA
Monday Noon Hope & Healing Women’s meeting chair/leader  is Stephanie C , under the new format for August.
Week 1 – Step study, Week 2 – Big Book study, Week 3 – discussion, Week 4 – TBA. Each month the chair/leader will choose topic.

Larry A is still leading the Monday Men’s Luncheon Meeting. It is customary to bring and eat your lunch during the meeting.
Great for those with time restraints.
See you men, Monday Noon

Robert P and Rick W co-chair the Cookie Tuesday Noon Meeting for this month.
Maybe it will become a tradition 😉

8:00PM is Scottish Jack’s Big Book Study with Scott T. at the helm.

Wednesday the 28th :
6:30am “Red-eye Special” meeting is growing from what I’ve heard,…also

Wednesday Noon “Where You At” Group – Mary H will be heading this up
until further notice. If you know who she is, you know it will be a good one. Show up
and ‘keep it real’.

Ask-it Basket Wednesday 8:00PM Chair: Ed B Leader: Ed B. is looking for a volunteer to commit
for at least a month of Wednesdays to chair this vibrant meeting. This way, he doesn’t have to straddle
two chairs at once.

Just to note: Friday and Sunday “noon” meetings start at 12:15 and end at 1:15.

If you’re new to the mailing list, definitely head back to the our main website and check the meeting schedule for other meetings listed.
Also, let us know if you have something special going on in your home group, or you wish to announce any changes within a certain meeting.
Send it to
Just get it in no later than Wednesday night by around 10:00pm.

Thought for the day:
(I like this one so much, and have heard from others on this, I’ll run it for another week)

“Many ask ‘What is anonymity?’ and ‘What is humility?’ To me, they are almost the same thing.
They are devoid of prestige; they demand nothing; they don’t ask to be ‘right’; they simply
suggest that the icy egocentric elements in all of us retire into the background and that we
wear the warm cloak of anonymity and humility and therefore, spirituality.”
(Anonymous AA member)

So far, that’s about it for now. More to come!


*The 12 x 12 Group meets daily at 6:30 p.m. Sunday through Friday.

*The Open Door Group meets at 10 a.m. daily.

  • There are also daily meetings at 8 p.m. Consider attending:

    • The Peace of Mind Group meets Sunday.

    • The God Squad meets Monday.

    • The Scottish Jack Big Book Study meets Tuesday.

    • The “Ask-It Basket” Group meets Wednesday.

    • The “Doug d’B Big Book Study meets Thursday.

    • The “We’ve Just Begun” Group for beginners meets Friday.

    • The Good Word candlelight meeting is on Saturday.


And, here are the notable nooner meetings,…actually, they’re ALL notable, especially
when you really need a good “nooner” 😉


  • The Sunday Noon Group meets at 12:15 Sundays.
  • The Monday Men’s AA Meeting is held at noon Monday.
    The Women’s Hope and Healing Meeting also at noon Monday.
  • The Tuesday Noon Group meets at noon Tuesdays.

  • The Noon Wednesday meeting is held at noon Wednesday.

  • The Women’s ER Group meets every Thursday at 6:30 p.m.
  • The Men’s meeting also meets Thursday 6:30 in the other room.
  • The Friday $2 Meeting meets at 12:15 Friday.

  • The Saturday Noon Group meets every Saturday at noon.

  • The Saturday Speaker Meeting is at 6:30 p.m.

    These are Highlights of some meetings, but definitely check the main website at for the complete schedule.